The Fallacy of the Theory of Evolution !!!

Ever wonder why the theory of evolution is such a controversial topic? Do some people simply refuse to admit evolution is a fact? But how can anyone not admit to a concept if it’s been proven? Or has it?

Why is it that you never hear anyone denying Mars exists? How come no one ever claims there are no rings around Saturn? Why doesn’t anyone ever deny the North Pole exists? That’s because there is such an abundance of clear evidence that Mars, the rings around Saturn and the North Pole exist that attempting to contradict these facts would be sheer lunacy.

And therein lies the problem with evolution.

If evolution were the “fact” that those who believe in it claim, no one in his right mind would even attempt to deny its validity. The mere fact that there is controversy surrounding evolution shows it obviously is not a clear, proven fact.

The theory of evolution has not been proven in the over a century that it’s been around. So why do some people still swear by it?

Logon to an evolution-supporting forum and you’ll likely find the answer. On such a forum you’ll seldom see a scientific discussion on the pros and cons of evolution. Scientifically valid contradictions to evolution are never met with “overwhelming evidence” that prove evolution’s validity. They’re usually met with insult and ridicule.

Even if you never mention religion, you’ll almost always be accused of being a “fundie”(religious fundamentalist) and often even be subjected to ridicule of Jesus, despite the fact that they know nothing about your religious background or if you even believe in Jesus.

Belief in evolution seems to be very much psychologically tied to adverse or rebellious religious convictions. Science seems to have little to do with it. Evolutionists probably spend more time thinking of religion than some religious people, certainly more than those who bring up legitimate scientific contradictions to evolution

The bottom line is, the kind of clear and overwhelming evidence that supports the existence of Mars is simply not found to support evolution. Support for evolution seems to have more to do with ideology than evidence.

But what is probably most disturbing to evolutionists is that there is clear and overwhelming evidence that evolution never happened. Ironically, the very fossil record that’s often cited in support of evolution is precisely what tells us beyond any question that evolution could not possibly have happened. Life appears suddenly. It does not evolve.

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