A Book That Disproves The Theory Of Evolution Like No Other

You're probably thinking, "Here goes another book against the theory of evolution." Not quite. The arguments presented in this book against evolution are, at this writing, unique.

This book does not discuss how the complexity of life required an intelligent creator. It does not discuss how we haven't yet found the missing links between species. It does not give the old analogy that monkeys on a typewriter could never accidentally type out the works of Shakespeare.

Although these are all valid arguments, the responses they elicit often make them look like merely subjective observations.

This is where this book stands out. The arguments presented in this book against the theory of evolution are, based on feedback, unshakable.

The difficulty with evolution is two-fold: One, is it possible? Two, did it happen? The first question can sometimes turn into a subjective sounding argument. The second question, however, is clearly spelled out in a fossil record that doesn't lie. This book shows how the fossil record proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that evolution never happened.

One Amazon reader:

"This book presented a very compelling case against evolution based on the evidence of so many missing fossils in the fossil record. It has been noted many times about the missing link fossils that are universally missing between all animal kinds and plant kinds. The difference here is this author points out the fact that because of the random chance of evolutionary theory, there should be more misfits and evolutionary dead ends recorded in the fossil records than successful mutations. Definitely something to ponder. It was well written and easy to understand, not strained by scientific jargon that makes so many of these books difficult to read. While I am sure that many hard core evolutionists will poo-poo this argument, I for one haven't seen any plausible explanation for these missing fossils."

Why would evolutionists oppose clear evidence that evolution is wrong? Well, honesty is not exactly their best policy. Check out this video by actor/comedian Ben Stein. You might be shocked to see how disinterested evolutionists are in evidence, how vicious they get when confronted with facts and how stubbornly they hold on to a theory that's supported by more hype than scientific data.

Fossil Discoveries Disprove Evolution Beyond A Doubt also shows how the methods used by scientists to date fossils and artifacts are flawed and based on unverifiable assumptions. The book recounts experiments that show the rate of radioactive decay can be increased under certain conditions to the point that a fossil which appears to be millions of years old may be only thousands of years old.

Fossil Discoveries Disprove Evolution Beyond A Doubt also shows how Charles Darwin's qualifications were somewhat lacking and his theory of evolution was accepted more for political reasons than scientific ones.

Fossil Discoveries Disprove Evolution Beyond A Doubt
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